Leather Care Tips

Maximize the life of your leathers with our leather care tips

Store your leathers properly to keep them looking good

bulletLeathers should be hung in an area with good ventilation avoiding direct sunlight and excessively dry or humid conditions 
bulletHang your leathers on wide or padded hangers to avoid permanent marks or stretching 
bulletDo not store leathers in plastic or non-breathable containers or covers 

Clean and Condition your leathers properly to keep them soft and supple

bulletAvoid waxes and silicone. These products clog pores in the leather making it impossible for conditioners to penetrate between the fibers
bulletConditioner should be applied at least twice a year or when the leather feels dry or stiff 
bulletLeathers will repel water better if they have been conditioned regularly 
bulletLeather should be cleaned sparingly by professionals who specialize in leather cleaning 
bulletIf necessary, a very small amount of saddle soap can be used with very little water to clean spots 
bullet Do not confuse conditioning with cleaning. Conditioners penetrate the leather while a cleaner should remove the dirt without causing it to penetrate into the fibers 

Motorcycle leathers are going to get wet

bulletWet leather should be allowed to dry at room temperature away from direct heat. 
bulletExcessive water can be gently blotted with a towel 
bulletDo not RUB leather with a towel 
bulletWater is very drying to leather, so a good conditioner should be applied after the leather has dried 

With proper maintenance, you leathers will provide you with life long durability.

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